Monday 17 February 2020

U10, U12, U14 & Masters 2020 Provincial Indoor Championships

2020 ALBERTA PROVINCIAL INDOOR TRACK & FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR THE U10, U12, U14 & MASTERS AGE GROUPS Athletics Alberta, the governing body for track & field in Alberta, staged the first half of the 2020 Provincial Indoor Track & Field Championships in Edmonton on February 15th & 16th. This meet covered all the events for the U10, U12, U14 & Masters age groups. There were 9 Passtrak athletes who took part in 56 events. They produced 20 life time best performances, set 11 new Passtrak club records & picked up 8 medals along the way. Cammy Hay had 8 events in the U10 girls age group. She placed 6th in the 60 metres in 11.01 seconds, 5th in the 150 metres in 28.84 seconds & 5th in the 600 metres in 2:44.92. She cut 5 seconds off her previous best in the 300 metres by running 1:04.83 for 4th place. In the field events she placed 7th in the shot put with a 3.50 metre toss & set a new Passtrak club record for her age by leaping 3.02 metres in the long jump for 4th place. A second place finish in the medicine ball throw added 40 cm to her previous best by measuring 3.62 metres. She took first place in the standing long jump & set a new club record & a new personal best with a distance of 1.84 metres. Marley Winter was also in the U10 girls age group. She placed 5th in the 60 metres with a life time best of 10.47 seconds, took 6th place in the 150 metres in 29.13 seconds & finished 5th in the 300 metres in 1:07.17. Her shot put measured 3.61 metres for 6th while her medicine ball toss was 3.22 metres for 5th. She beat the existing Passtrak club record for her age in both the standing long jump & running long jump where her distances were 1.52 metres & 2.71 metres respectively for 7th & 6th place. Jasper Smith completed 8 events in the U10 boys division. He had only competed in 2 of those previously & he proceeded to improve in both. He ran 11.22 seconds for 6th in the 60 metres & 28.13 seconds in the 150 metres for 4th. He set new Passtrak club records in 4 of his new events. He ran 1:05.58 in the 300 metres for 4th place, jumped 3.01 metres in the running long jump for 3rd place, cut 13 seconds off the previous record in the 600 metres by finishing 4th in 2:28.52 & cleared 1.60 metres in the standing long jump adding 9 cm to the previous record & finishing 4th. In the shot put he took 7th place with a 3.27 metre heave & tossed the medicine ball 3.26 metres for 5th. Carson Hay posted 4 personal best performances in his 8 events in the U12 boys category. His running long jump increased by 60 cm to 2.84 metres for 13th & his standing long jump improved by 9 cm to 1.60 metres for 11th place. He added 10 cm to his shot put best with a 17th place 4.46 metre toss & he cut 5 seconds off his previous 300 metre best by clocking 1:09.51 for 18th. In his other 4 events he finished 21st in the 60 metres in 13.15 seconds, 17th in the 600 metres in 2:35.98, 20th in the 150 metres in 32.91 seconds & 11th in medicine ball throw with a 3.75 metre performance. Eve Winter had 4 races & 4 field events in the U14 girls division. In her races she placed 21st in the 60 metres in 9.62 seconds, 33rd in the 150 metres in 24.68 seconds, 39th in the 600 metres in 2:27.05 & 40th in the 1000 metres in 4:32.87. Her 4 field events placed her 17th in the high jump with a height of 1.15 metres, 36th in the medicine ball with a toss of 2.94 metres, 23rd in the long jump with a 3.36 metre leap & 21st in the shot put with a mark of 4.93 metres. Cohen Musschoot had 4 events in the U14 boys category. He cleared 1.10 metres in the high jump for 13th & ran 3:37.51 in the 1000 metres for 11th. He placed 5th in the shot put with a 7.21 metre performance then pushed the medicine ball out to 5.44 metres which placed him 4th & added over a metre to the existing Passtrak club record. Sawyer Sawatzky was in the U16 boys age group where he had a stellar meet improving in all 3 of the events he had previously contested. His 60 metre time improved to 9.19 seconds for 15th, he added 83 cm to his best long jump by spanning 4.48 metres for 8th place & he improved his high jump best by an amazing 35 cm to finish in 3rd. His 60 metre hurdle time of 11.75 seconds placed him 5th & a 6.82 metre toss in the shot put landed him in 4th. Jack Bailey was crowned as Passtrak’s top athlete of the meet. He improved significantly in all 6 of his events. He placed 11th in the 60 metres in 8.63 seconds & placed 3rd in the 60 metre hurdles in 10.76 seconds. He then carved 22 seconds off his previous 1200 metre time placing 6th in 4:11.16. He added 5 cm to his high jump best clearing 1.40 metres for 4th then added 80 cm to his previous shot put distance by heaving the steel ball 7.61 metres for 3rd place. His long jump improved by 60 cm when he landed at the 4.91 metre mark for 6th place. Passtrak’s veteran, Craig Hay, ran 2 races in the Masters age group. He cut 3 seconds off his 400 metre time to place first in 1:08.81 then the following day grabbed a second Provincial Championship gold medal for his 2:48.75 in the 800 metres. Both times set new Passtrak club records for his age group. The second half of the Provincial Championships will take place in Edmonton February 29th & March 1st which will include all the events for the U16, U18, U20 & Open age groups.

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