Sunday 27 March 2022

2022 Canadian Indoor Championships

COHEN MUSSCHOOT - CANADIAN CHAMPION The 2022 Canadian Indoor Track & Field Championships took place in Saint John New Brunswick on March 26 & 27. Cohen Musschoot from Passtrak represented his club in the U16 boys division & he did so in a stellar manner. On Saturday March 26th Cohen was entered in the Pentathlon. It is the event that measures the abilities of the best all around athlete in the sport of track & field. The athletes compete in 5 events in one day to showcase their ability to run fast, run far, jump & throw. They receive points for the performance they produce in each event. The faster you run the more points you score. The farther you jump or throw the more points you score. The first event of the day was the 60 metre hurdles. Cohen recorded the fastest time of his life by stopping the clock at 10.60 seconds for which he was awarded 433 points. Event number 2 was the long jump. Cohen’s best attempt spanned 4.79 metres, just 1 cm shy of his best ever which earned him 343 points. The third event was the high jump where he was a little short of his best with a 1.33 metre clearance. That was good enough for 270 points. Next came the shot put where he passed the 9 metre mark for the first time ever with a best of 9.12 metres. That distance scored him 433 points. The final event of the day was the 1000 metre race. He dug deep & slashed more than 12 seconds off his previous best by finishing in 3:25.76 for a total of 434 points. His point total for the day was 1913 which eclipsed the previous Passtrak club record for his age group by 330 points. THAT SCORE WAS ALSO GOOD ENOUGH TO CROWN HIM AS THE 2022 CANADIAN INDOOR CHAMPION IN THE U16 AGE GROUP!!! On the second day of the competition Cohen added some fuel to the fire. He competed in the individual shot put event where picked up a second Canadian Championship medal, this time a 3rd place bronze, by again surpassing his shot put best when the implement landed at the 9.39 metre mark.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

2022 Provincial Indoor Championships

2022 ALBERTA PROVINCIAL INDOOR TRACK & FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS The Championship meet took place at the University of Alberta track & field facility on March 5th & 6th. Nine Passtrak athletes took part in 36 events. Every athlete who previously competed improved in one or more of their events during the 2 day competition. In total they improved in 18 out of 21 events that they had previously contested. The athletes also produced 4 new Passtrak club records & earned 1 first, 2 second & 4 third place finishes. Norah Smith was in her first official track & field meet. She placed 10th in the U10 girls 60 metres in 11.48 seconds & 6th in the 400 metres in a time of 1:35.57 which set a new Passtrak club record for her age group. In the standing long jump she cleared 1.50 metres for 5th & she finished in 1st place in the shot put with a 3.59 metre toss. Felix Neniska competed in the U12 boys division. This was his first official indoor track meet as well. He placed 20th in the standing long jump with a leap of 1.27 metres. He moved up to 18th in the 60 metres in a time of 11.69 seconds & 16th in the 400 metres in 1:36.46. His final event was the shot put where he recorded a 4.98 metre toss for 9th place. Marley Winter & Cammy Hay completed 4 events each in the U12 girls category & they both produced life time best performances in 3 of the 4 events. Marley placed third in the 60 metres in 9.68 seconds & Cammy placed 12th in 10.25 seconds. In the 400 metres Marley placed 12th in a personal best of 1:24.69 & Cammy finished 22nd in a personal best of 1:31.69. Cammy added 1.19 metres to her previous best in the shot put, topping out at 4.69 metres for 13th place. Marley improved her shot put as well by 1.40 metres. Her distance of 5.01 metres earned her 10th place. Both girls shone the brightest in the standing long jump. They both surpassed the existing Passtrak club record. Marley cleared 1.91 metres for 3rd place while Cammy broke the 2 metre mark with a 2.02 metre measurement for 2nd place. Jasper Smith had an outstanding meet in the U12 boys division. He produced life time best performances in all 4 of his events. He placed 14th in the 60 metres in a personal best of 11.07 seconds & 5th in the 400 metres with a personal best of 1:24.66. His shot put improved by over a metre with a 5th place toss of 5.44 metres. He placed 5th again in the standing long jump with a personal best leap of 1.78 metres. Carson Hay & Cohen Folkard represented their club in the U14 boys group. Cohen ran the fastest 600 metre race of his life, finishing in 1:54.67 for 6th place. He finished 13th in the 60 metres in 9.83 seconds & 7th in the long jump with a distance of 3.37 metres. His highest finish was 3rd in the shot put with a heave of 7.20 metres. Carson improved in 3 events. His best ever 60 metre time was 11.20 seconds for 22nd & his best ever 600 metre time was 2:11.47 for 19th. His other improvement came in the long jump where he spanned 3.15 metres for 16th. His final event was the shot put where he finished 12th with a 5.24 metre measurement. Eve Winter ran the fastest 60 metres of her life in the U16 girls division. She clocked 8.81 seconds for 15th place but unfortunately also injured herself in the process. That forced her to scratch 3 of her remaining events but she was able to compete in the shot put where she had a life time best result of 5.44 metres for 11th place. Cohen Musschoot was Passtrak’s busiest athlete, competing in 5 events over the 2 days in the U16 boys category. He ran the fastest 60 metres of his life in 8.26 seconds for 12th place. He added a whopping 30 cm. to his high jump best by clearing 1.40 metres for a 3rd place finish. His 60 metre hurdle time was 10.79 seconds for 4th. His 8.79 metre shot put earned him 5th & his 4.80 metre long jump placed him 8th. The crowning finish to Saturdays schedule was the U12, 4 x 200 metre mixed gender relay. Passtrak’s team of Jasper Smith, Cammy Hay, Felix Neniska & Marley Winter covered the distance in 2:38.90 to set a new Passtrak club record & bring home a Provincial Championship silver medal.